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Why Use Aluminum?

Aluminum vs Wood

Why Use Aluminum?

5 Benefits of Using ‘Elitewood’ vs Wood for Your Patio Cover

  1. Aluminum is a fire resistant material; which is especially relevant with all of our Southern California fires. Elitewood will not contribute to flame spread or act as an accelerant.
  2. Aluminum is low maintenance, and requires no additional maintenance costs that are typically necessary when using wood. With Elitewood; there is no rotting or dry rot, peeling, warping or corroding.
  3. You will never have a termite problem with our Elitewood Patio Covers, Garden Room Enclosures, or Sunrooms. Termite infestation not only creates a safety hazard, as your structure is literally being eaten away, but they could also potentially spread to your home.
  4. Aluminum materials can be used in areas near the sea or in humid climates, which have adverse effects on wood.
  5. Aluminum adds a more sustainable value to your home due to its durability and longevity.

5 Benefits of Using ‘Elitewood’ vs Vinyl for Your Patio Cover

  1. Elitewood is as beautiful and attractive as vinyl, without the high cost and added expense of vinyl.
  2. Vinyl, when used as a solid shade structure, is proven less dependable against leakage and therefore doesn’t carry an extended warranty. Elitewood, on the other hand, comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer that is transferrable by ownership.
  3. The longevity of aluminum far exceeds that of vinyl; which will need to be replaced more frequently.
  4. Vinyl requires steel reinforcement because it doesn’t provide the necessary structural support on its own, unlike Elitewood. You end up spending more money because you’re paying for double the materials.
  5. Vinyl has a smooth plastic surface and does not simulate the grain of wood. Elitewood is embossed to simulate the aesthetic nature of wood (without the drawbacks).

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