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What is Elitewood?

Elitewood Patio Cover

What is Elitewood?

Elitewood is a high-end aluminum material fabricated by Four Seasons Building Products. The local facility is located in Buena Park, CA and is the central hub for material distribution to Southern California. Elitewood gives the best of both worlds, with an aesthetic look and feel of real wood, without the drawbacks of real wood. Elitewood never rots, gets termites or catches fire. In the manufacturing process a textured wood finish is embossed into the material to achieve the wood aesthetic, while the material itself is designed to be far more sustainable and lower maintenance than real wood. In fact, you will never need to paint your Patio Cover and may never need to replace it again.

Four Seasons Building Products developed the Elitewood Series Patio Cover systems, with both Lattice tubes and Solid Insulated Panels that create a great deal of versatility in both design and construction. The Classic or Ultra series have different wood grain texture embossments, such as Cedar or Driftwood, and come in a variety of colors. These systems are engineered to withstand the harshest elements California can throw at them, including wildfires, as aluminum does not burn or act as a fuel accelerant.

What sets Elitewood apart from other aluminum patio cover manufacturers is the level of quality and thickness of these products. Elitewood is up to 33% stronger and thicker than other similar products on the market, creating more durability, longevity, value and structural integrity in the finished product. Four Seasons Building Products also backs all Elitewood products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is transferrable by ownership of the home.

To learn more, please visit Four Seasons Building Products website.

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