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The High Cost of Wood Patio Covers

The High Cost of Wood Patio Covers

Don’t Spend More When You’re Getting Less…


Since April 2020, we have seen an industry wide construction boom.  This is largely due to the lockdown quarantine measures from the COVID-19 pandemic.  People have been working from home in greater numbers than we’ve ever seen, while also finding they are saving quite a bit of money with travel plans, concerts, social events and nightlife being hampered for nearly a year.  Remodeling and renovating has become very popular as the more folks spend time at home, the more they want to invest in their surroundings to create more comfort in their work and living space.

Most industries are seeing 3x the amount of business than they have seen annually for the past several years, which in turn has led to increased material shortages.  One of the primary shortages we’re seeing, due to this high demand, is lumber.  Lumber is up over 300% in cost since January 2020!!  According to Forbes, there are many factors that play into the lumber shortage: low interest rates have sparked a boom in new home construction, DIYers rushed to hardware stores to work on building out new projects around their property during the Summer of 2020, and lumber mills have experienced personnel shortages due to COVID outbreaks and a pool of workers that are rapidly aging out of their industry.  Economists are predicting the demand will stay consistent until 2023 when interest rates rise and new home construction slows down.

We have long preached the gospel of alternative materials, specifically the aluminum based Patio Cover systems by Four Seasons Building Products.  We firmly believe in providing as much value as we can to our customers when quoting our projects.  We stand by the durability and longevity of the Elitewood Patio Cover systems, and can confidently say they will outlast a traditional wood structure by many years; and especially without the need to repaint, replace or tear down due to weatherization or infestation.  The Elitewood system is engineered to last the life of your home and require little to no maintenance!  Why spend an exorbitant amount of money on a shade structure when you’ll just have to replace it again in 5 years?  There has never been a better time to say goodbye to wood and choose a superior product for your home and family to enjoy for many years to come.

One of the most important reasons to choose aluminum over wood in Southern California is our annual fire season.  Wood acts as a fuel accelerant for wildfires, whereas aluminum is non-combustible.  The structure pictured above was located in Anaheim Hills.  Sadly, the property succumbed to a wildfire, and according to the homeowner, the aluminum Patio Cover was the last structure standing on the property!  Safety, lower cost, longer lifespan and durability all speak to the value of the Elitewood system and make the choice between aluminum and wood a no brainer.

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