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Solid Insulated
Patio Covers

Looking to add shade, shelter & beauty to your backyard?
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Our “Elitewood” Solid Insulated Patio Covers are engineered to keep your patio protected from the harsh California elements.  Whether it is our intense summer sunshine or the torrential rains in our winter season; don’t let the weather keep you from enjoying your outdoor living environment year-round, all while creating a beautiful aesthetic that elegantly enhances your patio.

Patios By B&B, Inc has designed and built hundreds of custom Solid Insulated Patio Covers throughout Orange County, with over 4 decades of experience. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver a finished product they will enjoy for years to come.


Free In-Home Design Consultation

We offer a FREE Design Consultation to provide expert advice and counseling to help you custom design your project the way you envision it.  We’ll help you assess your functional needs, aesthetic desires, and work within your budget to determine a realistic and affordable design that will enhance the value of your home, as well as your quality of life.  We must also take into consideration the environmental factors of the project location and any local city or community requirements.


Develop a Detailed Proposal

After our initial consultation, we then develop a detailed proposal outlining the entire scope of the project with all specifications clearly laid out and an overall price.  We NEVER come back to our customers with hidden costs or fees that were not agreed upon in our proposal!  Upon acceptance we give a tentative start date, based upon our current availability.


Pre-Construction Conference

On the first day of your installation, we stage a construction conference between the customer, our crew lead and the design specialist to “walk the job” and lay out all of the details of the project.  This step really ensures that we are on the same page and everyone feels confident in the installation plan.  At the end of each workday, our crews clean up all tools and any debris incurred from the construction process.  It is our goal to provide a “headache free” construction experience from beginning to end.

Materials & Installation

The primary components we use for this type of construction are the Four Seasons Building Products’ Elitewood Solid Insulated Panels.

The Elitewood panels are 3” thick interlocking structural roof panels that come in multiples of 4’ in width.  There is an Expanded Polystyrene foam interior core that’s laminated on both sides, interior and exterior with either a Cedar or Driftwood planked texture; embossed to replicate the aesthetic of wood without the drawbacks of wood.

The insulation reduces the radiant heat gain by up to approximately 25°, providing quite a bit of energy savings.  It also provides a leak free, weather tight environment to protect your furniture and electrical componentry.  The panels come in 2 colors: White & Desert Sand.  The componentry however can be produced in 10 different colors. Header detail and post detail are identical in the installation to the Open Lattice Patio Cover.

These panels are strong enough for other workman (painters, window washers, gutter repairmen, roofers) to walk on if need be.  The panels terminate with a large catch gutter integrated into the design, which is developed to be as stealth and unnoticeable as possible.  This gutter system is equipped with a permanent leaf guard designed to restrict leaves and debris from clogging the gutter while allowing a free flow of drainage.  The exterior is trimmed with an elegant 2” x 6 1/2” exterior fascia.

Electrical is run through an internal channel that is molded at the time of the manufacturing of the panel, running interiorly.  It eliminates the need to penetrate through the panel, leaving all wiring contained within the panel.  These panels are attached to the house with an extruded C-Channel, lagged to the interior structure of the wall.

End Cut Options
Color Options

Eave or Roof Mount Option

We also have the option for an eave mount or roof mount attachment for this product as well, leaving multiple point of attachment options.  Fans, recessed lights and other electrical componentry merge with this system seamlessly.  The panels are completely sealed using a 3” poly-butyl rubber sealing tape to seal every applicable point between the panels, between the panels and the attachment channel and between the panel and the gutter.

Skylight Option

Skylights are another popular option that help to facilitate the perfect amount of light under a Solid Insulated Patio Cover.

One option is to utilize 2’ x 4’ double-domed polycarbonate, opaque skylights to augment light gain.  The 16” wide “Alumaview” skylights (also opaque) are another option.  These run the length of the projection of the panel by a span of 16”.