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Open Lattice
Patio Covers

Finding comfort in your own backyard is essential to any homeowner.

Open Lattice Patio Covers help strike the right balance between sun and shade coverage to fit the solar profile that works best for your patio use, all while creating a beautiful aesthetic that elegantly enhances your patio.

With over 4 decades of experience, Patios By B&B, Inc has designed and built hundreds of custom Open Lattice Patio Covers throughout Orange County, CA.  Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver a finished product they will enjoy for years to come.

We use the “Elitewood” system, manufactured by Four Seasons Building Products, the highest-grade aluminum based product in the industry.  The Elitewood system will weather the toughest conditions for years to come and keep your investment protected and looking as good as the day it was installed.  All of our Open Lattice Patio Covers are firmly backed by a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty (transferable by ownership) from the manufacturer.

One of the many benefits of this product is that it requires very little maintenance.  You just take a hose to it to keep the dust from settling to maintain the “good as new” look and you’re finished!  Unlike traditional Wood Patio Covers, our Open Lattice Patio Covers will never get dry rot or termites.  Their sealed roll-form design is impervious to water and will never rust; in fact, you may never have to upgrade your Patio Cover again!


Free In-Home Design Consultation

We offer a FREE In-Home Design Consultation to provide expert advice and counseling to help you custom design your project the way you envision it.  We’ll help you assess your functional needs, aesthetic desires, and work within your budget to determine a realistic and affordable design that will enhance the value of your home, as well as your quality of life.  We must also take into consideration the environmental factors of the project location and any local city or community requirements.


Develop a Detailed Proposal

After our initial consultation, we then develop a detailed proposal outlining the entire scope of the project with all specifications clearly laid out and an overall price.  We NEVER come back to our customers with hidden costs or fees that were not agreed upon in our proposal!  Upon acceptance we give a tentative start date based upon our current availability.


Pre-Construction Conference

On the first day of your installation, we stage a pre-construction conference between the customer, our crew lead and the design specialist to “walk the job” and lay out all of the details of the project.  This step really ensures that we are on the same page and everyone feels confident in the installation plan.

At the end of each workday, our crews clean up all tools and any debris incurred from the construction process.  It is our goal to provide a “headache free” construction experience from beginning to end.

Materials & Installation

For a Wall Mount or Eave Mount installation, Open Lattice Patio Covers require a structural ledger to attach to the home.  This is our structural connection point.  The manufacturer provides us with an engineered 2” x 6 ½” ledger with an interior wood backing inside for a solid connection point.  We then use 3/8” x 6” lag bolts to attach through the stucco to the framing of the house (the studs or the horizontal header).  This is a sealed environment utilizing a beveled cap, so there is no concern for moisture penetration at the attachment point.

When we install our ledger on the house, we run a bead of 30-year silicone sealant behind the ledger, between the ledger and the house wall.  Each of the structural lag bolts are also sealed to create a leak proof sealed attached point.

Another method of attachment, a Roof Mount attachment affords us the ability to achieve additional height above the elevation of the roofline.  We accomplish this by using BeamLyft structural brackets, which attach to the top of the roofing for composition shingles.  If installed on a tile roof, we modify a small section of the impacted roof tiles to attach directly to the top of the roof sheathing.  We are bolting down through the roofing sheathing to the rafter tails, or the wooden component of the eave that is continuous in the framing of the house.  This raises the elevation higher than the surface of the roof allowing unobstructed drainage to the gutter and to avoid a build up where debris can form.

Beamlyft Bracket component for Roof mount Attachment

The next major component is our structural Rafter systems, which are designed in sets of doubles or singles.  We have great flexibility based upon each customer’s preferences in regards to how we lay our rafters.  Our many years of experience in custom design give us the ability to temper the finished product to our customer’s personal vision.  Some of the options for different rafter combinations and styles include:

  • Double 2×6 ½” rafters at 4’ on center
  • Single 3” x 8” rafter at 4’ on center
  • Single 2” x 6 ½” at 2’ on center
  • Double 3” x 8” headers
  • Double rafters on a single header
  • Double rafters on a double header

We always stay code compliant and consistent with the structural engineering; while at the same time we take great care to use as few posts as possible to maximize the unobstructed, ergonomic space under your Patio Cover.  This enables us to eliminate excessive posting to accentuate your landscaping and viewpoint without sacrificing structural integrity.  We accomplish this by using a factory engineered galvanized steel “C-Beam” which is designed to be installed within one or both of the headers to create a wider post span.  In addition to the C-Beam, the remaining posts are also augmented with steel internal posts as well.

The header can be below the rafters, or we can place the header above the rafters.  We can also do a double set of headers above the rafters, what we call an “under hung” suspended design.  It takes the 8” header out of the line of sight.  An example of when we would recommend a header above would be when we have a low point of attachment to the house, which is typically 96” (8’).  Our header has a depth of 8”.  Rather than minimizing the space below the cover, we are able to find more height without losing any structural integrity.

The manufacturer offers the header and rafter end styles in Scalloped, Corbel, Mitered or Bevel designs.  This choice is left purely up to the customer’s discretion as to what is most appealing to them.

End Cut Options
Color Options

Next comes the lattice, which are either 2” x 2” or 2” x 3” with the spacing in between the lattice pieces typically spaced at 2” – 3” apart.  The lattice can be custom spaced based upon the solar orientation of the house, or in other words, which way the home is facing in relation to the sun for greatest efficiency.  The lattice is attached directly to the top of the rafters with a color coded, engineered, grommeted screw. This is to ensure a watertight seal.

Finishing Touches

One of the primary elements that set Patios By B&B, Inc apart from our competitors in our industry is our ability to personally customize our projects.  Depending on your budget and personal taste, we feature options for Standard Posting, or finished “Endura-Stone Columns” for a more elegant touch.  We also tailor each project to the Electrical needs of our customers; whether you want Ceiling Fans, Recessed LED Lighting, Exterior Spots & Motion Sensor Lights, Hanging Light Fixtures, Heaters, Misters, etc., we can finish the project for the desired functionality you want in your new outdoor space.