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Good Contractor vs. Bad Contractor

Not All Contractors are Created Equal

In the world of Contracting, there are many stigmas associated with the building trade due to a rather notorious history of bad behaviors and nightmare scenarios that people have encountered from a variety of contractors. More often than not however, people are more inclined to...

Elitewood Patio Cover

What is Elitewood?

Elitewood is a high-end aluminum material fabricated by Four Seasons Building Products. The local facility is located in Buena Park, CA and is the central hub for material distribution to Southern California. Elitewood gives the best of both worlds, with an aesthetic look and feel...

Aluminum vs Wood

Why Use Aluminum?

5 Benefits of Using 'Elitewood' vs Wood for Your Patio Cover Aluminum is a fire resistant material; which is especially relevant with all of our Southern California fires. Elitewood will not contribute to flame spread or act as an accelerant. Aluminum is low maintenance, and...