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Orange County Paving Stones

Many homeowners in Southern California have often used Orange County Paving Stones to improve their outdoor living space.  Orange County Paving Stones are frequently used for both commercial and residential applications.  You may have seen these Orange County Paving Stones at various outdoor malls like the Irvine Spectrum or perhaps while driving through your own neighborhood.  Many homeowners see their neighbors’ striking driveways and walkways and can see how Orange County Paving Stones can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.   Orange County Paving Stones are an excellent addition to any outdoor patio, driveway or walkway boasting both beauty and durability.  There is no accident that you see Orange County Paving Stones under your feet and surrounding your neighborhoods and shopping centers.  Many Architects and builders alike use Orange County Paving Stones as an integral part of their hard scape projects for both local businesses and homeowners. 

Interlocking paving stones have been around for over 5,000 years. The first roads around 3,000 B.C. were made from segmental paving units on the isle of Crete. The Romans, more than two thousand years ago, used tightly fitted cut stones set on a compacted aggregate base to create superior roads. Today, architects and contractors all over the world have used the same idea but with improved materials to create beautiful, durable and functional roads, driveways and floors that are the base of beautiful outdoor living environments on almost every continent.

Interlocking Orange County Paving Stones Installation

Interlocking Orange County Paving Stones are installed over a class A Road base and a leveling bed of sand.  Orange County Paving Stones can be used for walkways, patios, pool decks and driveways and airport or even loading docks.

Instead of connecting the pavers by pouring grout between the joints, as one would with tiles, sand particles are spread over the pavers and tamped down. The sand stabilizes the interlocking pavers, yet allows for some flexibility. In other words, this type of pavement will absorb stress such as small earthquakes, freezes and thaws, and slight ground erosion by shifting each tile slightly. Therefore, they will not crack or buckle like concrete.

The special tools needed for installing interlocking pavers are plate compactors and Diamond Blade Brick Saws. The former is used to compact the base material to 90% density minimum and also to set and interlock the pavers into the sand bed. The latter is used to cut the pieces to fit at corners and edges. The sand does not easily wash out with rain or garden hose water and a sealant can be spread on to further lock the sand.  Standard thicknesses are 60mm (for light traffic) and 80mm (heavy traffic). 50mm too is common in some countries like Pakistan (used for footpaths etc).

There are many benefits when working with Orange County Paving Stones over asphalt and poured concrete such as their high compressive strengths (7000+psi as per BS and 8000+psi as per ASTM codes), their gorgeous aesthetic appeal, and their easy removal and relaying if access under the covered area is ever required.

Orange County Paving Stones come in many varieties of finishes, patterns and colors so that we are able to make each and every finished job a work of art unlike any other in the world.  The various styles and options that are offered when using Orange County Paving Stones allow for your outdoor living environment to become a canvas to our craftsman creating something we are always proud of and you will be proud of as long as you own the home.

Interlocking Orange County Paving Stones by Patios by B & B

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