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Placentia Decorative Concrete

Patios By B&B has constructed numerous beautiful Placentia Decorative Concrete projects over the past 35 years. We have worked with the City of Placentia over the years to satisfy the exact permit and building code requirements for all of our Placentia Decorative Concrete projects and are extremely well versed in this process. If you live in or near Placentia and are looking to create a stunning Decorative Concrete addition to your front or backyard and would like to see some of our past work; contact us and we will provide you with a list of completed Placentia Decorative Concrete projects. Unlike the majority of other contractors out there, we strive to create longstanding positive relationships with our past customers to ensure their happiness with our services for years to come. And in turn, we have a vast referral network with plenty of happy customers willing to share their experience with you. Placentia is right in our backyard, and we’d be more than happy to give you a FREE Design Consultation and Estimate on a beautiful Decorative Concrete project today!

Patios By B&B has been honored with Angie’s List’s 2011 Super Service Award!

Placentia Decorative Concrete Overlay Patterns & Designs


Placentia Decorative Concrete is a popular way of sprucing up, not only home driveways, but also other areas around the home. Placentia Decorative Concrete offers hundreds of designs that will enhance the back or front yard of any

Define Your Outdoor Space with Placentia Decorative Concrete Patios


A thoughtfully designed patio helps to define outdoor space and lends character to your home.

Why Placentia Decorative Concrete? – Article Niche


Placentia Decorative Concrete is not new but it has been so highly refined that you may have walked over it and thought it was stone from a quarry, flagstone, or S.


Placentia Decorative Concrete Ideas for Design and Durability feO: .AuN http://t.co/zj9AcWgv

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Placentia Decorative Concrete Information
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Take a look at our photo gallery to see many examples of luxurious Placentia Decorative Concrete!

Placentia Decorative Concrete Photo Gallery

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