April 8, 2011 - Posted by Jordan Goldman

In this day and age, the Integrity of a contractor is a rare commodity.  At Patios’s By B&B, we’ve heard plenty of horror stories of overpriced contractors who pressure customers into work they didn’t want.  Or contractors that build unrealistic expectations and don’t come through on promises they’ve made.  Or contractors that simply fall off the face of the Earth when you need them the most.  Unfortunately, when you enter into an agreement with a bad contractor, you tend to get ALL of these experiences.

At Patios By B&B, we know the challenges that people face when contracting out for a home improvement and we pride ourselves on breaking that mold and consistently strive to prove to each and every one of our customers that “contractor” isn’t a bad word.  Integrity is everything! If we aren’t straight forward with our customers regarding pricing, the timeline of each process, and the overall scope of the job; then it is impossible to have a happy customer at the end of it.  It’s easy to set ourselves apart from our competitors because we offer excellence in quality and customer service.  We only want exceptionally happy customers who are excited about what we accomplished for them.  We have been fully licensed in California and going strong since 1977 for a good reason.  We care about our customers happiness and that is always conveyed in our work.